Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fear, Envy & Jealousy: An Exercise to Keep Yourself Away from These Powerful Negative Emotions

“Remember...Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.”
-Zaid K Abdelnour
I am laughing, laughing and laughing.... ha, ha.. This quote has made my day. What a clarity of mind, heart and soul!  How can anyone pull you down from above you? To pull you down one has to be somewhere down there, below you.
 Indeed, labels are no proof of heights. It's about who you are deep inside.  And if I have gone down to pull another down, I can never lift myself up.. I can however have that illusion.. the illusion of height and power. I may feel that with a wave of hand and a spoken word I can change destinies; yet what I may never understand is that I have  actually sunk a little without knowing; I  have taken a step towards darkness by using power for selfish ends.


Have you ever experienced evil in you raising its head feeling threatened by the 'good' in someone else because  the 'good' in the person attracts those whom you want to get closer to. Have you weaved webs of deceit by the threads  pulled  from  the darkened black holes of your own inner-self to pull that 'Good' down. Has such  a ‘victory’ ever filled you with pride. Has it ever happened..? If so them you are suffering from Fear, Jealous/Envy.


 If yes, and the fact that God still continues to send you pure air to breath only means that God is giving you a chance to clean yourself up... to forgive yourself because it is possible that in spite of 'light' glowing inside, in some weak moments you chose 'darkness'.. quite unnecessarily.. You can uplift yourself by getting rid of that that's pulling you down. Doesn't matter if "that" resides in you...it's never too late to thank God for the air HE sends us not only to breath but also to help us clean ourselves up...


I remember having got a kind of an enlightenment when I found myself disliking a very highly talented and meticulous individual, someone who had all the light.. I recall the words as if God was speaking to me.. I can reproduce them clearly here:
" No, it is not that you don't admire him or like him.. you do like him.. there is no reason to dislike because he is not like that.. The truth is that you want to "hate" him , feel jealous of him because you somehow are not able to "like" yourself in his presence.. ; think over, Isn't that the truth.".. And I knew.

I PROPOSE AN EXERCISE HERE which I successfully did with some fantastic results:

Sit with your eyes closed for five minutes and observe each breath and how the fresh air hits your lungs and  focus on how  light, pure,  peaceful, joyous & happy you feel from inside. Focus on the one you feel jealous and slowly let the feeling melt and get replaced with 'love'.. let the 'dislike' vanish and 'like' walk in. Take another half a minute of breathing for forgiving yourself. As you breath say to yourself the first day: "I forgive myself. Now that I am filled with light, I will move forward joyously getting rid of feelings of Jealous & envy which has their root in fear. I would fear no more. God bless me" ( You can choose your own words.)


Everyday practice of watching this pure air filling you will help you stay clean even in your actions because cleaner will become your thoughts as they would no more stem from the darkness you have collected inside you and slowly but surely this darkness will get eliminated.. and two things will happen..

You will stop pulling people down only to keep yourself safe from the 'good' in the other person because you will find the 'good' taking birth inside you.. And you will not be worried if someone tries to pull you down because then you will know the truth..You will be able to get rid of all kinds of negativity particularly fear, jealous and envy.. The three negative emotions which can destroy the life.

Make A Commitment to TRY THIS: 

Do it every morning or whenever you have those five minutes you can get out of 1440 minutes available to you in a day. 

Know that Life has just begun.. 



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