Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fear, Envy & Jealousy: An Exercise to Keep Yourself Away from These Powerful Negative Emotions

“Remember...Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.”
-Zaid K Abdelnour
I am laughing, laughing and laughing.... ha, ha.. This quote has made my day. What a clarity of mind, heart and soul!  How can anyone pull you down from above you? To pull you down one has to be somewhere down there, below you.
 Indeed, labels are no proof of heights. It's about who you are deep inside.  And if I have gone down to pull another down, I can never lift myself up.. I can however have that illusion.. the illusion of height and power. I may feel that with a wave of hand and a spoken word I can change destinies; yet what I may never understand is that I have  actually sunk a little without knowing; I  have taken a step towards darkness by using power for selfish ends.


Have you ever experienced evil in you raising its head feeling threatened by the 'good' in someone else because  the 'good' in the person attracts those whom you want to get closer to. Have you weaved webs of deceit by the threads  pulled  from  the darkened black holes of your own inner-self to pull that 'Good' down. Has such  a ‘victory’ ever filled you with pride. Has it ever happened..? If so them you are suffering from Fear, Jealous/Envy.


 If yes, and the fact that God still continues to send you pure air to breath only means that God is giving you a chance to clean yourself up... to forgive yourself because it is possible that in spite of 'light' glowing inside, in some weak moments you chose 'darkness'.. quite unnecessarily.. You can uplift yourself by getting rid of that that's pulling you down. Doesn't matter if "that" resides in you...it's never too late to thank God for the air HE sends us not only to breath but also to help us clean ourselves up...


I remember having got a kind of an enlightenment when I found myself disliking a very highly talented and meticulous individual, someone who had all the light.. I recall the words as if God was speaking to me.. I can reproduce them clearly here:
" No, it is not that you don't admire him or like him.. you do like him.. there is no reason to dislike because he is not like that.. The truth is that you want to "hate" him , feel jealous of him because you somehow are not able to "like" yourself in his presence.. ; think over, Isn't that the truth.".. And I knew.

I PROPOSE AN EXERCISE HERE which I successfully did with some fantastic results:

Sit with your eyes closed for five minutes and observe each breath and how the fresh air hits your lungs and  focus on how  light, pure,  peaceful, joyous & happy you feel from inside. Focus on the one you feel jealous and slowly let the feeling melt and get replaced with 'love'.. let the 'dislike' vanish and 'like' walk in. Take another half a minute of breathing for forgiving yourself. As you breath say to yourself the first day: "I forgive myself. Now that I am filled with light, I will move forward joyously getting rid of feelings of Jealous & envy which has their root in fear. I would fear no more. God bless me" ( You can choose your own words.)


Everyday practice of watching this pure air filling you will help you stay clean even in your actions because cleaner will become your thoughts as they would no more stem from the darkness you have collected inside you and slowly but surely this darkness will get eliminated.. and two things will happen..

You will stop pulling people down only to keep yourself safe from the 'good' in the other person because you will find the 'good' taking birth inside you.. And you will not be worried if someone tries to pull you down because then you will know the truth..You will be able to get rid of all kinds of negativity particularly fear, jealous and envy.. The three negative emotions which can destroy the life.

Make A Commitment to TRY THIS: 

Do it every morning or whenever you have those five minutes you can get out of 1440 minutes available to you in a day. 

Know that Life has just begun.. 



Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back...

I was reading what Larry Smith said, " Why will you fail to have a great career?'.. and he goes on to say, "You are afraid to pursue your passion. You are afraid to look ridiculous. You are afraid to try. You are afraid you may fail..." 
Yes, one does often find such situations and then get stuck. So what is a way out. How to get rid of this fear.
By simply getting rid of it..
Let us see What is FEAR:
An emotion that make one get stuck, and one is not able to act even when one wants to because one visualises or one hears or one feels that some harm will come in some way sometime in future. All fear stems from one assumption: Something might happen that will harm me emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually or mentally in future. Sometimes there is some base for such a fear and at others it’s all in the mind. Illusions and /or delusions play their roles. It is all about What Will Happen In Future. One creates negative images about future in mind which are often scary and those hold one back from moving forward.
How To Handle Fear:
Simple. When you are assuming about likely events in future and you are creating those fearful pictures in mind without actually knowing then remember opposite can also be equally true. You are assuming that bad will happen and that is why you are scared. But since you don't control future and can't predict it then some variables which are not in your control may bring favourable results too. Things may not happen as you think they might. They may be much better. So what can one do. Change the picture in mind. Create a positive picture. When you don't know what is behind the wall , why to think of ghosts; think of existence of a fairyland. IN NUTSHELL: YOU CAN CHOOSE BETTER.. and think better thoughts which would give result to happier actions..
Take any kind of fear - Fear of failure, fear of physical harm, fear of hurting someone's feelings, fear of not achieving targets, fear of losing money or wealth, fear of losing a job..I mean all these fears stem from the pictures which you create in your mind. And all these events may or may not happen. Yet, you need not help them by creating such pictures which would make your mind bring them in reality without your conscious awareness. Create happier pictures of future..
How beautifully C.JoyBell C. has put it:
“Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.”
Of course, you don't fear losing a bad acquaintance, or something that you wanted to give away in any case or something that could be harmful to you in some way. You don't fear losing bad things in life. So when you fear about losing something in any dimension of life it means you value that thing a lot. Job is one of those valuable things. Therefore you can protect that thing by taking necessary actions, by preparing well in advance, by ensuring that you don't land in a situation that can bring harm. By being a doer; by being someone who takes that first step, then second and then third..and so on...
If I have to put succinctly then ask just two questions:  "What would happen if I did it?" followed by " What would happen if I didn't.."  See what picture emerge in mind or what sounds you hear or how do you feel and take action. Let go of fear.
This fear comes from the past, manifests itself in the present and affects the future.  And good thing about future is that every thing including BETTER OPPORTUNITIES exist there...
 I have often told participants in my sessions this one thing: Good thing about bad past is that it doesn't last if we just let it go. We can make structured efforts to  get rid of fear and act in the NOW.. All the action is in the present..Here..
Well, there could be situations when FEAR can play a positive role too. Extreme fear in extreme situations has made people do things which they can't even imagine... Yes, it is good to be fearful in life threatening situations but then the fear should push you to act and not make you get stuck that is the only fear one can express. 
I for one like to be afraid of losing my patience or anger, or speeding up in the rush hour  or hurting someone with my behaviour or talk. Nothing wrong.
I mean Choose Your Fears.. Let them be under your control it..
Do let me know if you liked reading it.. Think over, contemplate and share your thoughts with me..

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let Us Clean Ourselves Up...

MAY 18, 2014


“Remember...Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.” 

-Zaid K Abdelnour

RS says...

I am laughing, laughing and laughing.... ha, ha.. This quote has made my day..What a clarity of mind, heart and soul.. How can anyone pull you down from above you.. To pull you down he has to be somewhere down there.. below you...Labels are no proof of heights..It's what one really is deep inside...And if one has gone down to pull another down, one can never lift oneself up.. One can however have that illusion..

Has the 'evil' in you ever raised its head being threatened by the 'good' in someone else and have you gone to the darkened black holes of your own inner-self to pull that 'good' down.. And the presumption, that you have won inflated your false pride .Has it ever happened..? If yes, and the fact God continues to send you pure air to breath, it only means that God is giving you a chance to clean yourself up... to forgive yourself that in spite of 'light' glowing inside, in some weak moments you chose 'darkness'.. 

Uplift yourself by getting rid of  that that's pulling you down..doesn't matter if "that" resides in you...it's never too late to thank god for the air he sends us not only to breath but also to help us clean ourselves up...

Am I not really turning into a thinker.. ? Seeking acknowledgement 
even from friends like you all is indeed risky....ha, ha..)


Friday, May 16, 2014


People have not gone by mere words...They looked at Gujarat and voted for the 'evidence' of change offered...APP could have done a lot better...They have to 'mature' as a party and get experienced.. They have made a good beginning in Panjab.. Only thing is they couldn't 'Show"..and perhaps people of N.Delhi were not impressed by Ex-CMs Dharana.. It appears to have taken people away from them..

With such an aware voter, Rahul Gandhi could never have been a competition..as he didn't have anything to show except his heritage.. Past doesn't last.. Voters between the age group of 20 to 30 have seen and observed only last 10 years ...Those are the years which made an impact on their fresh minds. and obviously, they were hardly presented with things for which they could take pride.. I think they have voted for change so that are able to take PRIDE in being sons and daughters of India...They want to be a part of clean and prosperous India ..No more scams, no more crime, no more self-centred power brokers.. no more nexuses based on hunger for accumulating wealth....

I think this is the biggest change.. Young India wants change to get 'demonstrated'.. That's what NaMo will have to ensure... HE WILL HAVE TO DELIVER.. GIVE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HE HAS SAID..AND THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE HOPE TO SEE HAPPENING..FROM THE TRACK RECORD WHAT ONE SEES IS THAT HE MAY DELIVER TOO.. else young India has learnt what needs to be done...Visibility of performance matterS.. Visibility..is the crux..

Good luck, India...i have personally always loved to focus on Good.. and perhaps now I won't have to search for it ...shall find the flowers of joy and happiness and prosperity blooming...all around... Good shall become so easy to pick.. Trust as declared by NaMo, he shall carry all the MPs along making each one of them responsible for their constituencies respectively..


Friday, April 25, 2014


I am not born to be extra-ordinary,
But don’t want to remain an ordinary
So help me God to be,
Just a little or lot more than ordinary……..

Right from childhood, one thing was evident. I had all the talent . But the circumstances , as they unfolded, during my adolescence told me one thing…extra-ordinary events outside me were a must, an extra-ordinary realisation was a must if I were to be an extra-ordinary.  I did have may chances, but then the way luck needed to support it didn’t.
But then I decided that I should not remain an unknown face, an ordinary soul that visits Earth as part of the cycle and nothing more. So I prayed to God that I was willing to make an effort to go beyond myself, to be a little more than ordinary…and then if life permits, a lot more than ordinary…
This book is a proof…that I am moving forward…towards a lot more than ordinary…God willing..I will reach.


Monday, February 17, 2014

First Lesson: Self Awareness

Hi Friends,

Writing thinking poetry on my Blog A Little More Than Ordinary and having posted more than 880 poems and haiku , I realised that I had been bestowed with this gift of thinking. So I decided to share here whatever comes to me to help you and myself learn and grow...and while being in the process to also understand that we need to be knowing ourselves everyday because we are not what we were yesterday...and therefore the title of the blog is kept as Know Self Grow Self..

My first sharing on What I thought is "Self Awareness.."


To go to the darkest corners
Of my inner space, I dare,
It’s this fearlessness, perhaps,
That makes me ‘Self Aware’

Self –Awareness: What is it? Is it only knowing my own strengths or is it also knowing my weaknesses? Is it getting acquainted with my brighter side more or does it also mean looking at my darker side?

Most of us always like to know ourselves only through our brighter side for we get scared to confront all that is negative in us and is hidden somewhere deep inside our own inner space. Therefore, we often tend to know about ourselves perhaps only to the extent of less than a half of what we might be. That’s what makes us get annoyed with those who try to put across our darker side in front of us. But then, every identity on this planet has a darker side too except perhaps Sun...and if one really looks at it, one sees Sun's darker side too in the eyes of a thirsty child in a desert.. So nothing wrong in that. It’s part of being human. What perhaps is needed is to know for one self about what lies inside those darker corners of one’s inner space by showing courage and being fearless to take a plunge. For we deserve our own forgiveness for having created those darkened corners to make life more beautiful and comforting. It’s true, self awareness brings comfort.