Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let Us Clean Ourselves Up...

MAY 18, 2014


“Remember...Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.” 

-Zaid K Abdelnour

RS says...

I am laughing, laughing and laughing.... ha, ha.. This quote has made my day..What a clarity of mind, heart and soul.. How can anyone pull you down from above you.. To pull you down he has to be somewhere down there.. below you...Labels are no proof of heights..It's what one really is deep inside...And if one has gone down to pull another down, one can never lift oneself up.. One can however have that illusion..

Has the 'evil' in you ever raised its head being threatened by the 'good' in someone else and have you gone to the darkened black holes of your own inner-self to pull that 'good' down.. And the presumption, that you have won inflated your false pride .Has it ever happened..? If yes, and the fact God continues to send you pure air to breath, it only means that God is giving you a chance to clean yourself up... to forgive yourself that in spite of 'light' glowing inside, in some weak moments you chose 'darkness'.. 

Uplift yourself by getting rid of  that that's pulling you down..doesn't matter if "that" resides in you...it's never too late to thank god for the air he sends us not only to breath but also to help us clean ourselves up...

Am I not really turning into a thinker.. ? Seeking acknowledgement 
even from friends like you all is indeed risky....ha, ha..)



  1. hi Ramesh just letting you know the haiku group seems to be locked out of your other blog and cannot comment.

  2. Thanks JC.. I think it will work now if you try again..