Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

First Lesson: Self Awareness

Hi Friends,

Writing thinking poetry on my Blog A Little More Than Ordinary and having posted more than 880 poems and haiku , I realised that I had been bestowed with this gift of thinking. So I decided to share here whatever comes to me to help you and myself learn and grow...and while being in the process to also understand that we need to be knowing ourselves everyday because we are not what we were yesterday...and therefore the title of the blog is kept as Know Self Grow Self..

My first sharing on What I thought is "Self Awareness.."


To go to the darkest corners
Of my inner space, I dare,
It’s this fearlessness, perhaps,
That makes me ‘Self Aware’

Self –Awareness: What is it? Is it only knowing my own strengths or is it also knowing my weaknesses? Is it getting acquainted with my brighter side more or does it also mean looking at my darker side?

Most of us always like to know ourselves only through our brighter side for we get scared to confront all that is negative in us and is hidden somewhere deep inside our own inner space. Therefore, we often tend to know about ourselves perhaps only to the extent of less than a half of what we might be. That’s what makes us get annoyed with those who try to put across our darker side in front of us. But then, every identity on this planet has a darker side too except perhaps Sun...and if one really looks at it, one sees Sun's darker side too in the eyes of a thirsty child in a desert.. So nothing wrong in that. It’s part of being human. What perhaps is needed is to know for one self about what lies inside those darker corners of one’s inner space by showing courage and being fearless to take a plunge. For we deserve our own forgiveness for having created those darkened corners to make life more beautiful and comforting. It’s true, self awareness brings comfort.


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