Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014


People have not gone by mere words...They looked at Gujarat and voted for the 'evidence' of change offered...APP could have done a lot better...They have to 'mature' as a party and get experienced.. They have made a good beginning in Panjab.. Only thing is they couldn't 'Show"..and perhaps people of N.Delhi were not impressed by Ex-CMs Dharana.. It appears to have taken people away from them..

With such an aware voter, Rahul Gandhi could never have been a competition..as he didn't have anything to show except his heritage.. Past doesn't last.. Voters between the age group of 20 to 30 have seen and observed only last 10 years ...Those are the years which made an impact on their fresh minds. and obviously, they were hardly presented with things for which they could take pride.. I think they have voted for change so that are able to take PRIDE in being sons and daughters of India...They want to be a part of clean and prosperous India ..No more scams, no more crime, no more self-centred power brokers.. no more nexuses based on hunger for accumulating wealth....

I think this is the biggest change.. Young India wants change to get 'demonstrated'.. That's what NaMo will have to ensure... HE WILL HAVE TO DELIVER.. GIVE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HE HAS SAID..AND THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE HOPE TO SEE HAPPENING..FROM THE TRACK RECORD WHAT ONE SEES IS THAT HE MAY DELIVER TOO.. else young India has learnt what needs to be done...Visibility of performance matterS.. Visibility..is the crux..

Good luck, India...i have personally always loved to focus on Good.. and perhaps now I won't have to search for it ...shall find the flowers of joy and happiness and prosperity blooming...all around... Good shall become so easy to pick.. Trust as declared by NaMo, he shall carry all the MPs along making each one of them responsible for their constituencies respectively..


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