Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Let Us Together Practice Learning and Happiness!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back...

I was reading what Larry Smith said, " Why will you fail to have a great career?'.. and he goes on to say, "You are afraid to pursue your passion. You are afraid to look ridiculous. You are afraid to try. You are afraid you may fail..." 
Yes, one does often find such situations and then get stuck. So what is a way out. How to get rid of this fear.
By simply getting rid of it..
Let us see What is FEAR:
An emotion that make one get stuck, and one is not able to act even when one wants to because one visualises or one hears or one feels that some harm will come in some way sometime in future. All fear stems from one assumption: Something might happen that will harm me emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually or mentally in future. Sometimes there is some base for such a fear and at others it’s all in the mind. Illusions and /or delusions play their roles. It is all about What Will Happen In Future. One creates negative images about future in mind which are often scary and those hold one back from moving forward.
How To Handle Fear:
Simple. When you are assuming about likely events in future and you are creating those fearful pictures in mind without actually knowing then remember opposite can also be equally true. You are assuming that bad will happen and that is why you are scared. But since you don't control future and can't predict it then some variables which are not in your control may bring favourable results too. Things may not happen as you think they might. They may be much better. So what can one do. Change the picture in mind. Create a positive picture. When you don't know what is behind the wall , why to think of ghosts; think of existence of a fairyland. IN NUTSHELL: YOU CAN CHOOSE BETTER.. and think better thoughts which would give result to happier actions..
Take any kind of fear - Fear of failure, fear of physical harm, fear of hurting someone's feelings, fear of not achieving targets, fear of losing money or wealth, fear of losing a job..I mean all these fears stem from the pictures which you create in your mind. And all these events may or may not happen. Yet, you need not help them by creating such pictures which would make your mind bring them in reality without your conscious awareness. Create happier pictures of future..
How beautifully C.JoyBell C. has put it:
“Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.”
Of course, you don't fear losing a bad acquaintance, or something that you wanted to give away in any case or something that could be harmful to you in some way. You don't fear losing bad things in life. So when you fear about losing something in any dimension of life it means you value that thing a lot. Job is one of those valuable things. Therefore you can protect that thing by taking necessary actions, by preparing well in advance, by ensuring that you don't land in a situation that can bring harm. By being a doer; by being someone who takes that first step, then second and then third..and so on...
If I have to put succinctly then ask just two questions:  "What would happen if I did it?" followed by " What would happen if I didn't.."  See what picture emerge in mind or what sounds you hear or how do you feel and take action. Let go of fear.
This fear comes from the past, manifests itself in the present and affects the future.  And good thing about future is that every thing including BETTER OPPORTUNITIES exist there...
 I have often told participants in my sessions this one thing: Good thing about bad past is that it doesn't last if we just let it go. We can make structured efforts to  get rid of fear and act in the NOW.. All the action is in the present..Here..
Well, there could be situations when FEAR can play a positive role too. Extreme fear in extreme situations has made people do things which they can't even imagine... Yes, it is good to be fearful in life threatening situations but then the fear should push you to act and not make you get stuck that is the only fear one can express. 
I for one like to be afraid of losing my patience or anger, or speeding up in the rush hour  or hurting someone with my behaviour or talk. Nothing wrong.
I mean Choose Your Fears.. Let them be under your control it..
Do let me know if you liked reading it.. Think over, contemplate and share your thoughts with me..

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